Nation Outraged After Spree of Violent Crimes by Career Criminals

Nation Outraged After Spree of Violent Crimes by Career Criminals

( – One of the ways the Left is attempting to reform the criminal justice system is by setting bail low for criminals so they aren’t waiting in jail until their trial. A recent string of violent crimes by repeat offenders is highlighting the problems with that policy.

On November 16, days before Darrell Brooks, 39, allegedly mowed down parade attendees in Wisconsin and killed 6 people, he was let out of jail on a $1,000 bail. He’d been arrested for attacking and running over his child’s mother. Months before that, he got out with a $500 bail after firing a gun at his nephew — he skipped bail on that charge.

On September 20, Houston Police Department Officer William Jeffrey was shot and killed while trying to serve a drug-related warrant. Sgt. Michael Vance was critically wounded in the attack. The suspect, Deon Ledet, 30, was a repeat offender with previous charges that included aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Eleven months before the shooting, District Court Judge Greg Class granted him a $20,000 bond after the Harris County District Attorney’s Office asked he be held without bail. A subsequent investigation by KHOU-11 found the Democratic judge has a long history of releasing violent repeat offenders.

These stories are just two of many. Time and again, Leftists within the criminal justice system allow violent repeat offenders back onto the streets and they remain in those positions to do it again. As crime rises across the US, the country is wondering why this keeps happening.

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