National Guard to Step Up Again

National Guard to Step Up Again

( – Rioters have been toppling statues and vandalizing monuments they don’t like across the country. As a result, Washington DC and its historic property is especially vulnerable. Fortunately, President Donald Trump’s administration is stepping in to protect our history.

On June 23, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” and said monuments on federal property are going to be protected. The secretary told host, Laura Ingraham, he requested “the National Guard be available” and ordered fences to go up at St. John’s Church as well as Lafayette Plaza.

Trump has also ordered the arrest of people caught vandalizing statues and monuments, and said they’ll also face harsh prison sentences.

The commander-in-chief understands how important it is to preserve our history. It’s a shame so many others don’t.

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  1. Thank you POTUS Trump for a job well DONE! Remember: Lock and LOAD, AIM and FIRE. Job done. Oh, and DON’T forget to PROSECUTE the CRIMINALS that survived. One Happy Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. If these thugs and the demorats want a war I say we give it to them I don’t think these stupid bastards have any idea how many of us are armed and willing to eliminate these pos. None of them should survive. Then we have our country back.

  3. Whites have had this sentiment for hundreds of years! Who are you to say slavery was ok? Hatred is the problem and anyone who thinks this is ok jas a problem !

  4. The blacks need to know persecution!! They really don’t understand it like they think they do. Many of my family members were killed by the Germans 9,000,000 of them. First they were starved and then burned. We get NO reparations for that. Persecution was real for my people!!! Blacks need to quit whining

    • First , the blacks know persecution and oppression quite well thank you! You are either ignorant or very narrow minded or plain stupid and misinformed. I’m sorry to be rude but in this instance I feel justified.

  5. You white people amaze me. I served in the U.S. Army from 1972 to 1978. I know racism exists in America and so do you. Why don’t you take your head out of the sand. Wake up racist America that’s why you want your Confederate flags you people think that you are superior than other races. You defend your racist cops who treat black people differently than they treat whites I know because I have experienced it. Just admit that you stole this country from the indians and dehumanized blacks all through American history. So go ahead and defend your ancestors.

    • You project how we think and feel and then generalize ALL WHITE people for the actions of a few. This ain’t 1970’s America. Maybe you didn’t get the memo but we had a BLACK president for 8 YEARS! Im so sick of you racist blacks. Thats right, you are a white hating racist that thinks you are better than we are. Thats racism. Open your eyes, we are all slaves now and it doesn’t matter what color we are. Look at your paycheck and see how much money you worked for is gone. Now quit paying that money in a so called free society and see what happens. Think you own your car, house or anything else? Nope it can all be taken by the state if you piss them off. This whole distraction is to take our eyes off the rich, powerful and the politicians they control. They have pit us against each other. This is about rich and poor, not skin color. The boob tube pumps out nothing but lies. All MSM is lies. The USA is the least racist country in the entire friken world and that my friend is a fact. So get off your high horse and see the real problem. Its those in power that want to strip us all of the rest of our rights and control us.

  6. The truth is that they will have arms, meaning rifles with ammo clips, available. They always do. Commanding officer has them under lock ad key, but will make them available if necessary. (I was in the CANG and deployed during the Rodney King riots in ’92.)

  7. The President, like all military personnel takes an oath to protect our country against All.enemies, foreign and domestic. Those who destroy and deface our monuments as bd topple statues etc are obviously anti-American snd should be treated as enemies of the State.

    • And they are enemies of the country. Back when we still had an America those criminals were repelled using what ever force was required, unlike now when those liberal power happy mayors & governors will not allow the police to take action but also prosecute the police if they were to do as they were hired & trained.

  8. I don’t think you understand the escalation of force that’s being brought into play here. The GVT sends in unarmed troops. Those Troops get attacked, maybe even injured and have to pull back. That allows the politicians to then send in armed troops or federal police ( DC Police already neutered by current mayor) and use whatever force is necessary to take back or protect property. This way they get to state that they tried an unarmed, peaceful approach but the protesters (ie. Rioters) forced their hand. In DC that is known as plausible deniability, a political tool used by both parties.

  9. Secretary Bernhardt MUST be on site and experience what the Guardsman do, and what they will face. Maybe that will influence what they will do. This also applies to Governors, and Congress members.

  10. We are sick, talking about taking our country back, you already took it from the Indians, it is all our country, our better than thou attitude is one thing dividing our country, wake up America, violence will only be met With violence, guns met with guns and no one is the winner. Treat everyone equal and respect their right to protest while being infiltrated by thugs and organizations that want to promote violence, as Vietnam Vet I have seen what a divided country is like, even in America during the Civil War, together we stand divided we fall.(communist are just waiting) for our internal destruction so they can move in

  11. Instead of spewing your venom, why don’t you just stand back and look at your own attitude for just one moment? Are you really proud of enslaving others in the past, be they black or white? It’s time for all races to unite. I’m white British and ashamed of the actions of my ancestors and the way they “USED” people for gain in your wonderful country. Is it any wonder that there are those who are so frustrated that monuments are erected in praise of the criminal actions of those in the past?

    • Christ, you sound as bad as obama did apologizing for dropping the 2 atomic bombs on Japan. Suck it the F up. It happened. The only thing you can do about it is to learn from it and move on. Get a life.

  12. sheep or Wolf? Appears Thugs & possibly Terrorist are wolves & Nations Guard has been ordered by individuals never in Harms Way 🤔. Again Bureaucrats doing what they do best 👎

  13. They need to have weapons against these Terrorists! It’s time to take back OUR country! The BLM has made it very clear that they are here to take control of the United States. Man up and take them down!

    • Exactly what I am thinking. We have to get our country back. This has nothing to do with BLM..They are being used as a political move.. Stop going backwards and move ahead. History is how young people learn the good and bad that made us this great Nation. People have forgotten that 450,000 Union soldiers died while fighting against slavery.. a very unthankful hideous war..

    • Get a real life blacks! Everyone knows that BLM stands for Blue Lives Matter!!! Trump needs to send in troops like theLA riots and take our USA back from the scum holding cities hostages. Better yet let the armed forces do it. Army, Marines and Seals will get the job done! Just wait till July 4 th if it’s not done by then I hear Hells Angels are taking the cities back for the USA!

  14. Bad mistake sending in “unarmed” Natl Guard. What’s next if a guardsman gets injured or maybe shot??

  15. Arm them do not send them unarmed rioters need to understand there is consequences to they’re insurrection and rioting treason has a price to pay and they will pay it.

  16. But the secretary also said they would be unarmed. They will be nice targets for the anarchists. Please give them some protection.

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