Navy Jet Crashes, Both Pilots Injured

Navy Jet Crashes, Both Pilots Injured

( – Training accidents are inevitable in the military. Recently, one of those accidents landed in someone’s backyard.

On September 19, a US Navy T-45C, a single-engine jet trainer used to instruct naval aviators, lost control on a routine training flight out of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth. Both pilots ejected from the plane, which then crashed in the yard of a Lake Worth, TX home.

The impact damaged 3 houses and cut off power to 44. Several residents have evacuated into temporary accommodations. The plane’s instructor pilot is stable in Fort Worth hospital, while the student is in serious condition and receiving treatment.

The T-45 Goshawk is a variant of the British Aerospace Hawk, jointly built by BAE and Boeing. It’s used for intermediate and advanced training of US Navy and Marine pilots. Unlike the original Hawk, it’s equipped to land on aircraft carriers. The Hawk has a good safety record, but when a plane is being used to train new pilots, some accidents are inevitable. Luckily, this one didn’t have a fatal outcome.

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