NBA Team Owner Suspended, Fined $10 Million for Misconduct

NBA Team Owner Suspended, Fined $10 Million for Misconduct

NBA Owner PUNISHED – Look What He Was Doing In Secret!

( – Like other companies, the NBA has a code of conduct that players, owners, and others have to follow. The organization recently announced a suspension of an owner and a hefty fine after he was accused of deplorable behavior.

The NBA has suspended Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns, and ordered him to pay a $10-million fine. Its decision was the result of an investigation into his behavior and workplace culture. The basketball organization determined Sarver treated female employees differently than their male colleagues and used racial slurs.

In 2021, ESPN published allegations that Sarver repeatedly used the n-word throughout his time in the league. According to the report, in 2016, the Suns’ Interim Head Coach Earl Watson had just watched the team lose to the Golden State Warriors when the owner entered the coach’s locker room. There, he repeatedly said the racial slur. Watson told Sarver to stop, but the owner belligerently refused.

The story was just one in a long list of anecdotes about Sarver’s behavior. When the decision came down from the NBA, basketball star LeBron James said the league got the punishment wrong. He believes a much harsher one should have been doled out.

The Suns’ guard Chris Paul also spoke out against the punishment, saying it “fell short.”

Do you think the NBA should have done more?

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