NE State Invites Voter Fraud

NE State Invites Voter Fraud

( – Mail-in voting has been a hot topic lately as Democrats try to expand its practice. Meanwhile, Republicans are fighting to keep our elections safe. On Monday, however, it was a GOP governor that expanded the option for residents of his state.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) signed a bill on July 6 allowing voters in his state to vote by mail in both the primary and general elections.

Unlike Clark County, Nevada, where ballots were sent out to thousands automatically, registered voters will have to request one. However, there are still risks.

When the ballots are mailed out, there’s nothing stopping someone from forging one. Sure, they have to be signed, but who’s to say a fraudulent signature won’t get by poll workers. Is that a risk we are willing to take with one of the most important elections of our lifetime?

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