New Book Suggests Kim Jong-un’s Sister May Soon Replace Him

New Book Suggests Kim Jong-un's Sister May Soon Replace Him
  • Kim Yo-jong is supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s little sister
  • She rose quickly through the ranks after Jong-un took office
  • Yo-jong has a reputation for being ruthless, even more so than her brother
  • A new book says she’s likely to succeed Kim Jong-un

( – Appearances can be deceiving. That’s the theme in an explosive new book that centers on Kim Yo-jong, the little sister of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Sung-Yoon Lee, an American academic, has published “The Sister,” which gives more insight into the woman who looks sweet and demure on the outside, but is often referred to as “the devil woman” and a “bloodthirsty demon.” It even suggests that despite the country’s patriarchal nature, she might one day take over for her brother.

Her Ruthlessness Is Nothing New

Kim Yo-jong’s political power is nothing new. A 2020 report from NPR noted that she often pushed harsh rhetoric, which was then echoed throughout the country. It was particularly evident when it came to protestors and the messages they shout. For instance, when some citizens defected to South Korea, they allegedly sent propaganda criticizing Kim Jong-un over the border on balloons. That led to cries of “rip apart the defectors, the traitors and the human trash,” a message that reportedly came from Kim Yo-jong.

Then, there was the incident where the Kaesong inter-Korean liaison office was blown up days after she threatened to destroy it after becoming incensed with South Korea. Experts believe the move was immature and harmful to the country’s diplomatic relations.

She also rose pretty quickly up the ranks starting out as a proxy for her brother. She then served as his eyes and ears for a while before taking on the role of a punisher. In 2021, she became part of the State Affairs Commission, the country’s most powerful agency. Some even believe she has the potential to eventually take over the country.

The Next Supreme Leader?

According to the Daily Mail, there are rumors that Yo-jong will likely face off against her niece, Jong-un’s daughter, Ju-ae, who is believed to be 10 years old and has, in recent years, made a number of appearances alongside her father. She has been hailed by some as his likely successor.

Lee, however, believes that Yo-jong’s ruthless nature might eventually propel her to the leadership position, even if she has to take her brother out and endure a power struggle with 10-year-old Ju-ae to get the role.

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