New Challenge Facing Schools and Students

New Challenge Facing Schools and Students

( – While businesses across the country are opening their doors again and Americans return to work, some of our institutions remain closed — including the school system. Education experts are waiting for what they believe is the right time to send the children back to class. President Donald Trump and senators like Rand Paul (R-KY) want schools to safely re-open by August.

In order to safely reopen schoolhouse doors by August, the School Superintendents Association (SSA) is asking for $250 billion in aid in the next COVID-19 stimulus bill. The money would go toward purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE), installing hand-washing stations across schools, and offering better access to sanitation materials. More specific allocations of this funding include:

  • $25 billion to support vulnerable, low-income, and minority students
  • $50 billion for minority-serving colleges
  • $175 billion in local and higher-educational school funding

It’s not just schools that are struggling. Some students, especially those from low-income families, depend on the lunches.

Georgia’s Gwinnett County understands that’s a problem and it’s providing lunch for children throughout the summer. Students and parents alike can pick up these lunches at parks and other locations while students who have no transportation can have lunches delivered. Districts across the country are taking similar action.

There’s a race to get America back to normal. The struggles schools and students are going through demonstrate the complexity and amount of planning it takes to reopen a state, let alone a country. So far, governors and the Trump administration are doing a great job of returning us to a normal life, but there are still many challenges to overcome.

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