New FRONTRUNNER In Key Midterm Race!

Dr. Oz Takes the Lead

Dr. Oz Takes the Lead

( – A key senate race has suddenly flipped, with the GOP candidate surging ahead of his rival. Last week, Dr. Mehmet Oz faced off against ultra-liberal John Fetterman in a debate that even the Democrat’s supporters agree was a disaster. Now, polls show enough voters have changed their minds to put Oz in the lead.

Throughout the campaign for Pennsylvania’s vacant senate seat, Dr. Oz has been challenging Fetterman to a debate. Fetterman, who suffered a major stroke in May and didn’t seem to be recovering as well as he’s tried to make out, has been reluctant. On October 25, he finally faced Oz on stage. It was a complete train wreck, with Fetterman repeatedly failing to understand questions and seemingly unable to give a coherent answer when he did. In the aftermath of the verbal massacre, appalled independent and Dem voters told journalists they were reconsidering how to vote.

An October 26 poll by InsiderAdvantage hints at what voters are deciding. Fetterman held the lead through the campaign, and he was around 4% ahead of Oz before the debate; yet one day after his abysmal performance, Oz has snatched a 2.7% lead. RealClearPolitics still gives Fetterman a narrow 0.3% lead — but two of the three polls they’re averaging were taken before the debate, and the site is now projecting an Oz victory. GOP hopes of taking control of the Senate have just brightened significantly.

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