New GOP Senator’s Trial by Fire

New GOP Senator's Trial by Fire

Former Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson chose to vacate his seat at the end of 2019 due to health reasons. It took a while to find a replacement that the GOP could agree on, and, while not a perfect fit, one has been found. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) has now taken over Isakson’s seat during an intense moment for the Senate.

Republicans have criticized Loeffler for her lack of experience and her tendency towards a more moderate ideology. Her first official Senate vote will help determine the fate of President Trump when impeachment hearings begin in the Senate. To lay the GOP’s fears to rest, Loeffler has spent several weeks assuring constituents and fellow senators that she stands with Trump’s military and border policies.

Loeffler has also stated that she plans to vote against removing the president for office.

“I don’t think there was due process followed in the House proceeding, so it would be very difficult to understand how that would not be the conclusion. So yes, I would support a ‘no’ vote on impeachment.”

Loeffler is now the second woman to serve as a Senator in Georgia’s history.

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