New RNC/Trump Fundraising Numbers Are In

New RNC/Trump Fundraising Numbers Are In

( – The Republican Party is fighting to keep the Senate and the White House in November. They won’t be able to do that without money, though. That’s what makes this most recent bit of news so great.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and Trump Campaign raised an incredible amount of money on the president’s birthday, June 14. Previously, the record for the largest day of fundraising was $10 million. On Sunday, donors surpassed that by contributing $14 million.

The money donated to the RNC will benefit the entire party. It’ll allow the committee to give cash to important campaigns around the country, especially in swing states. Currently, Democrats only need four seats to take back the Senate.

Every dollar the Republican Party can raise will help ward off the Left. As for President Trump, he’s in a great position to keep the White House thanks to the generosity of his voters.

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  1. That will all end up in his pocket one way or the other. Munchin, Sect of Treas, made MILLIONS on the Goldman Sachs Foreclosure scam… and he is still grinning, as him & trump are stuffing the other pockets, with all the ”’ gifts trump hands out to the Mara Largo crowd”. Just to help the little guy of course. Has to pass thru the ‘big boys’ hands’ first. You know who is the happiest dict in the world… Vlad Putin. He could not have accomplished more if HE HAD RUN HIMSELF and got himself elected…instead of his bro trump.

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