New York Judge Kills Himself After Home Is Raided By Authorities

New York Judge Kills Himself After Home Is Raided By Authorities

( – In February 2021, New York Supreme Court Judge John Michalski laid down across train tracks in Depew, a suburb of Buffalo, and allowed a train to run him over. Shockingly, he survived with a serious leg injury. Sadly, a little more than a year later, he once again tried to take his own life and this time, succeeded.

On April 5, Michalski’s body was found in his Amherst home around noon. Two weeks prior to his death, on March 24, FBI agents, the New York State Police, and NY State Attorney General’s Office raided the judge’s home. Reports indicated the police search had something to do with possible tax crimes. Investigators reportedly started looking into him because of his ties to Peter Gerace Jr., the owner of Pharaoh’s strip club outside of Buffalo.

Gerace was arrested in Florida last year for sex and drug trafficking the same day Michalski tried to kill himself the first time. Federal authorities questioned the judge a few weeks after the accident.

The recent investigation wasn’t the first time authorities had looked into the judge. According to the New York Post, he was investigated by the federal government years ago when authorities were looking into Gerace in another case.

The judge had not been charged with any crimes when he died. He’s survived by his wife and four children.

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