Newark May Have a Solution to Its Water Woes

Newark May Have a Solution to Its Water Woes
  • Newark, NJ has been suffering from poor water quality for decades.
  • Experts believe most of the problem lies in older infrastructure.
  • Previous plans to fix the problem demanded homeowners foot the bill.
  • New budget allowances remove the need for taxpayers to shell out big bucks.

There seems to be a glimmer of hope for the city of Newark, New Jersey. The Essex County Improvement Authority is offering a 120 million dollar bond to fund the replacement of thousands of iron-contaminated pipes.

The financial windfall comes as a big relief for the city, who has been battling water problems for years now. Essex County Exec Joseph DiVincenzo hopes the sudden flood of funds will help bump the project up so it can be completed faster. The goal is to have the project completed within 30 months.

DiVincenzo also said:

Right now the water is not safe to drink. The goal is to modernize the water system so all residents, including those hardest hit, pregnant women, babies and senior citizens can all have access to clean water.

Although the city has been handing out free bottled water, it can be a true inconvenience for the impoverished or disabled to access it.

Even Governor Phil Murphy weighed in about the lead service replacement effort.

Experts will start by rebuilding a plan that failed earlier in the year due to a requirement that homeowners eat the costs of updating pipes located within their homes. Now, the financial influx will money change that clause; taxpayers now won’t have to pay anything to get new, lead-free pipes and service lines running into their homes.

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