Newsom Enacts a Historic Measure Taxing Firearms and Ammo

( – California is one of the states that has very strict gun laws. Liberals continue to pass policies that put more burdens on law-abiding citizens. The latest measure is a historic one.

On September 26, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed six gun control bills into law. One of those bills, AB 28, established the California Violence Intervention and Prevention (CalVIP) Grant Program. It will award grants for violence prevention and school safety programs. They will be funded by the law’s new 11% excise tax on ammunition and firearms sold by gun dealers and manufacturers. California is the first state in the union to pass such a law.

The federal government already charges an excise tax of 11% for ammunition and long guns and 10% for handguns. Newsom held a news conference and said he believes the new tax is a “modest investment in prevention,” saying there’s too much “carnage” and Americans “can’t normalize it, [they] can’t accept it.”

In addition to the new tax, the governor signed a slew of other bills. Those bills include SB 241, which prohibits anyone from “selling, leasing, or transferring any firearm unless the person is licensed as a firearms dealer.” It also requires dealers and their employees to complete annual training courses. AB 1089 prohibits the sale and possession of machinery to build so-called ghost guns.

Finally, bills SB 452, SB 2, and AB 1587 were also signed. Those bills create new rules for microstamping, improve concealed carry permitting while also establishing restrictions for firearms in sensitive places, and require credit card merchants to use category codes for gun sellers, respectively.

The California Rifle & Pistol Association released a statement about the new laws. The organization has already filed a lawsuit against SB 2, declaring it unconstitutional. The group’s statement went on to accuse Newsom of trying to pass a 28th Amendment to gut the Second Amendment. The governor previously proposed an amendment to do just that, but the gun rights org has promised to fight back.

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