NFLPA Investigating After Discovering Security Cameras in Jets’ Locker Rooms

NFLPNFLPA Investigating After Discovering Security Cameras in Jets' Locker RoomsA Investigating After Discovering Security Cameras in Jets' Locker Rooms

( – The New York Jets management has set their players on edge after it installed hidden cameras in team locker rooms more than a decade ago. The players are hoping to put this practice to an end.

In late October, Jets players alerted their union, the National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA), that there were surveillance cameras concealed inside the locker room smoke detectors. The NFLPA immediately contacted the NFL, which claimed the cameras didn’t violate any rules because the players knew they were there.

However, many Jets players are disputing this assertion. Two said they only learned the cameras existed when they reported thefts from the locker room. At least two more claim they were never told about the covert surveillance at all. In fact, according to several current and former players contacted by journalists, none said they were told their changing facilities were fitted with cameras.

State law in New Jersey, where the Jets’ training facility has been located since 2008, classes filming someone naked without their consent as a third-degree felony.

The NFL says it’s answered the union directly and no action is required by the Jets. The NFLPA disagrees and has launched an investigation.

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