NH Primary: Some Unexpected Results

NH Primary: Some Unexpected Results
  • Sanders and Buttigieg finish one-two.
  • A possible sleeper takes third.
  • Biden’s disappearing acts.
  • Will Mike Bloomberg turn everything on its head?

(NewsReady.com) – The first of the traditional presidential primaries wrapped up in New Hampshire. With that behind them, the Democratic hopefuls will gear-up to do it again in Nevada and South Carolina on the last two Saturdays in February.

After the surprising Iowa caucuses, the new expectations that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg would battle for the top spot were met. Sanders got 25.7% of the votes giving him nine more nomination delegates towards securing the spot on the November ballot. This just edged out Buttigieg who managed 24.4% and he also received nine envoys towards the top spot on the ticket. In essence, this is a tie because the prize is the number of representatives one gets at the convention.

There were two surprises on the day as well. The first is the showing of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). In the days before the election, most polls had her support in the single digits but she must have found some magic in the last day or two before the voters went to their precincts. She ended the contest with almost 20% of the votes and six delegates. This just might be a name to watch as things move along.

Klobuchar certainly isn’t lacking gumption:

The second surprise, if maybe a bit milder, is the continued plummet in support for former Vice President Joe Biden. Conventional wisdom had Biden being the one to battle Sanders for the nomination. The problem with conventional wisdom is that it is often wrong, as it seems to be here. He finished with a ghastly 8.4% and zero delegates. Could it be that the failure of Barack Obama to endorse Biden is at the root of the problem? After all, the candidate has firmly hitched his wagon to the former president whose silence has been deafening.

Lastly, New Hampshire voters put the final nail in the coffin of another person’s hopes. Andrew Yang was forced to acknowledge the writing on the wall, pack up his campaign tent, and head back home.

While this race is still in its infancy, some things are starting to gain clarity. It’s beginning to look like this is Bernie Sanders’ race to lose, a former small-town mayor can make a major name for himself on the national stage, and the prior administration’s number two looks to be swirling down the drain. Of course, the wildcard that is former NYC mayor and Republican, Mike Bloomberg might shake it all up when he finally enters the race in full.

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