NHS Removes Reference to “Women” When Talking About Menopause

Government Removes Reference to

Government Removes This Word From Report About Women

(NewsReady.com) – Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is in the firing line after officials edited advice on menopause to be more “inclusive.” Now, the health service is on a collision course with the conservative government over “wokeness.”

In late June, British media reported that the country’s health service had removed the word “women” from a website giving advice on menopause. The site previously said “The menopause is when a woman stops having periods…,” but has been edited to say “Menopause is when your periods stop.” Earlier last month, the NHS made similar edits to a page on ovarian cancer, changing it to say the disease can affect “anyone who has ovaries.” Health Secretary Sajid Javid (Conservative Party) slammed that change, saying “biological sex matters” and vowing to roll back woke language in the NHS.

Now, the health service seems to be doubling down.

The NHS insists that it’s changing the language on its websites to be “inclusive, respectful, and relevant to the people reading it” — but only women experience menopause, so why is it not “relevant” for the site to mention them? Meanwhile, Dr. Karleen Gribble of Western Sydney University accused the NHS of risking women’s health by making its language vague and ambiguous. She said that by “de-sexing” the page, the service had made it harder for women to find more information.

It’s not all bad news in the UK, though. Recently, an NHS page on miscarriage that had also been “de-sexed” was edited to restore the word “women.” There’s a growing backlash in the country against wokery, and the NHS might have chosen a bad time to pick a fight with the government over pro-trans language.

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