No Last Dance for Bernie as NY Cancels Primary

No Last Dance for Bernie as NY Cancels Primary

( – The New York State Board of Elections canceled its Democratic presidential primary three weeks after Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) paused his campaign. Democrats on the board voted Monday to cancel the June 23 primary, citing COVID-19 as the reason.

Sen. Sanders, the last rival to former Vice President Joe Biden, suspended his campaign on April 8. However, his campaign team asked the board to leave his name on the primary ballot. Their bizarre argument was it would help unify the terminally-divided party. It seems, rather than allow such a polarizing contest to go ahead, NY Dems decided to just cancel the whole thing. Needless to say, Sanders supporters are unhappy.

Sixteen of the states are postponing their Democratic primaries; New York is the first to simply cancel theirs. However, with only one horse left in the race, they probably won’t be the last.

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  1. For my simple hatred of Hrc, I would like to see her on the ballot so we could kick her fat ass one last time. In my lifetime, I feel strongly that the clintons are the lowest form of life that God has allowed to breathe. And that is even below pelosi, shiiff, and waters.

  2. Agree with David in MA….they have a game plan, watch what happens at Democratic National Convention! DOJ should rush through email investigation NOW….or …

  3. Enter Michelle Obama on the scene as Vice President. Joe is the puppet who has already been asking for her to be his VP. What a slick way to insure his election and give the big Zero another term in office! The dim Dems have been itching for that since he got out. Didn’t “the anointed one” do enough damage in the 8 years he already had? If they get back in, we can send another big plane load of money to Iran to prop up their terrorist campaign against the USA, go on another apology tour for the U.S. so he can bow in subservience to hostile leaders, and complete the plan to transform us into a Muslim nation since he already proclaimed we “are NOT a Christian nation!” and canceled our Day of Prayer while observing the Muslim holidays at the White House.

  4. fu-k sanders and the rest of the commie democrat party .love our country and the american way of life SEMPER FI you bastards don t even know the meaning

  5. Around 6 months ago I read post online that makes Sanders Constitutionally ineligible to be president, if true, the post stated that Bernie Sanders is an immigrant, not born in America …. Anyone know for sure?

  6. Problem is Joe Biden is probably the single poorest candidate in most anyone’s memory. Former President Jimmy Carter says Biden in too old and too senile! He will serve just as a puppet. Probably for far left interests and China. This is one of the safest events in US History. Top that with the worst pandemic response, kill the entire economy for trumped up reasons. The a actual statistics do not justify all these shutdowns! We have put the least productive part of the USA economy, all in the COST part of living, and NONE in food production, services, etc., Every big city has misclassified any death remotely related to COVID19.

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