North Dakota AG Steps in After Bill Gates Makes Large Land Purchase

North Dakota AG Steps in After Bill Gates Makes Large Land Purchase

State AG Takes a Stand Against Bill Gates’ Crazy Land Nabbing Spree

( – Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been buying up farmland, and many people are worried about what he’s planning to do with it. Now, it looks like he’s bought even more. The latest purchase has pushed North Dakota to start asking questions.

In November 2021, the Red River Trust bought six parcels of farmland in Pembina County, North Dakota. It’s now emerged that the trustee of Red River is Peter Headley, who once ran agricultural investor Cottonwood, which was set up by Bill Gates as a front for buying farmland.

If Headley is still working for Gates, the Pembina County purchases make the tech billionaire the largest holder of farmland in the US. That has many people alarmed because recently, Gates has been calling on Americans to stop eating real meat and buy synthetic substitutes instead — and he now has the ability to ban ranchers from grazing cattle on 269,000 acres of land.

Now, North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley (R) wants to know what Red River Trust is planning to do with its new land. On June 21, Wrigley’s office wrote to the investor,- reminding it that there are “certain limitations” on the right of trusts to own agricultural land. Red River has 30 days to confirm to Wrigley that it plans to use the land for a legal purpose; if not, they have a year to sell up or face a $100,000 fine. ND Agricultural Commissioner Doug Goehring says many locals are “just livid” about the land purchase — and, if Gates really is behind it, it’s easy to understand why.

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