North Korea Calls Out American Hostility, Considers Restarting Nuclear Program

North Korea Calls Out American Hostility, Considers Restarting Nuclear Program
  • In 2018, North Korea agreed to suspend its nuclear program.
  • Kim Jong-un agreed to halt the program after former President Donald Trump pushed for it.
  • North Korea has become more aggressive since President Joe Biden took office. 
  • Kim Jong-un is now threatening to reboot its nuclear program.

( – When former President Donald Trump was in office, one of his foreign policy strategies was to form relationships with adversaries, which included North Korea. He formed a relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to benefit the United States. And, for the majority of the 4 years the 45th president was in office, it was relatively peaceful between the two countries.

When President Joe Biden took office last year, he didn’t make the same effort as Trump to keep the peace. In May, he said that his predecessor’s approach to North Korea was flawed, claiming he wasn’t going to give Kim “international recognition.” More than a year into his presidency, the situation with the dictator is deteriorating. In the backdrop of hostilities between the two nations, a US court ruled against the Kim regime.

North Korean Hostility

On Thursday, January 20, NK’s Korean Central News Agency accused the US of threats and hostility. The state news agency reported Kim held a meeting of the Workers’ Party, the country’s ruling party, and set goals to build up the military in response to America’s alleged “hostile moves.” Part of strengthening the country’s military would include Kim reconsidering reversing its 2018 decision to pause its nuclear program.

Center for a New American Security analyst Duyeon Kim told Newsmax the reason North Korea is claiming the US is hostile is to continue its missile testing. She said the country is “squarely focused on meeting its nuclear weapons milestones,” which means there are more tests on the way.

The recent news comes after Kim authorized multiple missile launches, including three allegedly hypersonic missiles.

As the US deals with the threats from North Korea, an American court ruled against the hostile nation.

A Settlement at Last

Coincidentally (or maybe not), while North Korea was busy making threats, the parents of Otto Warmbier were fighting to get some sliver of justice after their child died at the hands of Kim’s regime. On January 19, a New York Court ruled Fred and Cindy Warmbier should receive $240,000 that was seized from the nation’s assets.

In 2016, Warmbier was a 21-year-old University of Virginia student who was arrested at a North Korean airport. He was charged with a “hostile act against the state” for pulling down a propaganda poster in a hotel and was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, but died a year later from brain damage his parents blamed on the Kim regime.

It could just be a coincidence that the court ruled against NK the day before the state media threatened the US – or not. What’s certain is that the relationship between the two countries is deteriorating, and it’s done so rapidly under Biden.

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