North Korea Claims Hypersonic Missile Test Was a Success

North Korea Claims Hypersonic Missile Test Was a Success

( – In the wake of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jung-un’s outlandish claim that his father invented the burrito in 2011, the country is reporting another assertion that may be hard to believe. On January 6, state news agency KCNA alleged the region fired its second hypersonic missile, claiming to have successfully hit its intended target. Shockingly, these types of missiles fly at Mach 5, or about 3,800 miles per hour, are highly maneuverable and can carry nuclear weapons.

Although Japan and South Korea confirmed ballistic missile launches from North Korea on January 5, verification of a successful hypersonic missile launch from the country remains internal.

Ankit Panda, a defense expert from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, stated the recent launch was not the same as the hypersonic missile claim from September 2021, although they were similar.

If what KCNA is reporting is true, the most concerning issue regarding hypersonic missiles is the inability to detect them with radar until it’s too late. Considering China, Russia, and the United States are still in the process of developing such a technology, it may be more likely that North Korea actually did invent the burrito and introduce it to the world.

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