North Korea Claims Latest Missile Tests “Shaking the World”

North Korea Claims Latest Missile Tests

( – North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is becoming increasingly more hostile. He has begun talking about restarting the nuclear program he paused when former President Donald Trump was in office. The nation also recently bragged about its latest missile test, and it’s very concerning.

On February 8, North Korea boasted about its recent missile tests, including the Hwasong-15. It’s the longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) the country has ever tested. The missile reportedly has the capability of delivering a nuclear warhead anywhere in the United States.

A statement from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry claimed it’s the only nation on the planet able to “shake the world by firing a missile” capable of hitting the US mainland. Further, it claimed to be one of the few that have ICBMs, hypersonic missiles, and hydrogen bombs.

Jenny North, a North Korea expert, said the statement from the Foreign Ministry is likely less threatening than it might seem. For example, it said what the country is allegedly capable of doing, but didn’t make any threats about what it will do. Nonetheless, it’s still incredibly concerning, especially given how unpredictable and violent North Korea is.

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