Nostradamus Predictions for 2022

Nostradamus Predictions for 2022

( – At long last, 2021 is nearly over. It’s time for the traditional analysis of what 16th-century French astrologer Nostradamus predicted for the coming year. For over 450 years, people have pointed to links between Michel de Nostredame’s cryptic verses and real-world events – usually after the events happened. So, what did he predict for 2022?

Well, it’s difficult to say – Nostradamus’ verses rarely contain dates, and none of them specifically mention 2022. However, he did link them to astrological cycles, and some people say it’s possible to work out what year he meant even if he didn’t actually say it. Here are some things he might have predicted for the coming year:

Meteor strike. Nostradamus predicted “a long trail of sparks” in the sky, which many interpret as a warning that we’re going to be hit by a meteor or asteroid. This one comes up regularly in lists of Nostradamus predictions, and some year it will be right. Will it be 2022? Who knows.

Climate war. Some Nostradamus analysts say he predicted that, in 2022, one country will lose access to resources because of climate change and attack its neighbor to take what it needs. Is this what Nostradamus meant when he wrote “In the opposite Babylonian climate, great things will be without shedding?” We’ll find out this year.

Death of Kim Jong-un. Nostradamus wrote, “The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed and they will place another in his kingdom.” Clearly, that means North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un will die in an accident.

Collapse of the European Union. Nostradamus tells us “Sacred temples of Roman times will reject the foundations of their foundation.” Obviously, this means the European Union, which is based in Brussels and was founded in 1993, is going to fall apart.

Inflation (or maybe cannibalism). One verse tells us honey will cost more than candle wax, forcing people to eat each other to survive. Nostradamus enthusiasts interpret that as a warning of severe inflation, but it could also mean an outbreak of bee COVID.

So, will any of these predictions come true? A year from now, we’ll all know!

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