Number of Americans Opposed to Immigration Doubles Under Biden

Number of Americans Opposed to Immigration Doubles Under Biden

( – The United States houses roughly one-fifth of the earth’s migrant population, according to Pew Research, with a 2018 count totaling over 44 million foreign-born residents. Adding to those numbers, southern border encounters reached record highs in 2022, and many Americans are done with carrying so much of the burden. Gallup recently polled 1,011 adults in the United States, and its results show that opposition to immigration has doubled under the Biden administration.

Gallup took great care to ensure the survey reflected the general population, which it tallied separately and collectively in its results. The polling group weighted its population sample based on the 2020 US Census, working to ensure it matched for age, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, and other factors to parallel actual national demographics. Gallop found that the number of people dissatisfied with immigration overall and wanting to see less of it had grown from 19% in January 2021 to 40% in January 2023.

Those figures closely reflect the number of US citizens who are unhappy, specifically with the volume of immigrants regularly entering the country. The 2021 poll showed that just one-quarter of respondents were “very dissatisfied,” while 42% responded in turn for the 2023 poll. Not surprisingly, conservatives made up the bulk of those who weren’t happy with immigration as it currently stands, at 66% of the total sample. Still, 35% of moderates and 18% of liberals also described themselves as “very dissatisfied.”

Immigration has become a hot topic since President Joe Biden took office in 2021. Numerous policy changes have led to surges of illegal crossings at the southern border, but newer crackdowns on the practice could offer new hope in slowing the onslaught. US Customs and Border Protection reports that documented border encounters dropped from nearly 252,000 in December to 156,274 in January — the lowest this figure has been in a year.

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