NYC’s Desperate Plea For Help

NYC's Desperate Plea For Help

( – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has announced the city won’t start reopening before June, unless a miracle happens. Meanwhile, he’s begging for more federal cash to bail out the city’s disastrous finances. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) says the state will start relaxing quarantine rules on May 15, but NYC won’t see any unlocking until June 7 at the earliest.

New York has taken the hardest hit from the coronavirus, with the epicenter in the city itself. As of May 11, more than 21,000 deaths have been reported in the state. Now de Blasio says the city needs emergency funding from the federal government to cover lost tax revenues, otherwise, NYC’s emergency services will start to collapse. The mayor claims the city has lost $7.4 billion in tax revenue because of the crisis and he wants Washington to make up all of that shortfall.

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  1. NYS and NYC both high taxed money out areas. The Governor and Mayor overtax on everything and use the money for freebies and social programs to get votes and stay in power. I hope voters across the USA realize Cuomo was a loser before the coronavirus and he’s using his daily internationally viewed conferences to promote his image. The Moreland Commission was finding all the corruption in his state government and him when it was suddenly ended. Kathleen Rice was bought off with her Congressional run.

    Be wary people. NYS and NYC are poorly run.

  2. New York City claims to be the greatest city in the world so they obviously don’t need help. They should be helping others.

    • They did, by spreading it in upstate NY, and other states. Excuse my disgust, but I’m tired of being banned from going to neighboring states or enjoying life in general. As a side note, I wonder how long the people in LA, or CA in general are willing to stay cooped up until August.

  3. I’m Still waiting for answers in where the $850 Billion given to NYC Mental Health Program that de Blasio’s wife Chirlane ran. It amazes me that the Dems preached healthcare, healthcare need more money well guess who keeps stealing more money

  4. Umm, oh billie, you and bloomberg are the ones that ran up the big debt. Why should I have to bail you out? I’m 800 miles away. And just a reminder because you are anti 2A; you have 12 ARMED body guards everywhere you go. Pound some rock salt, queerbait.

  5. New York York made their choice when they became a sanctuary state they shouldn’t be receiving any funds for any reason from the federal government. Suck it up snowflakes you made your bed now lay in them

  6. Wasn’t it Margaret Thatcher that made the remark about socialism? Great until you run out of other people’s money. One thing about the Coronavirus, people are getting a lesson on socialism. Go to any store, many products not on shelves, in my 64 years, I have never seen any store without facial tissue, toilet paper, paper towels. (other items, pasta, sauce, cake mix, flour, included)
    As for NYC & NYS, let them sink, and I live in NYS.” The powers that be “ created the mess, let them clean it. I can’t wait until we’re allowed to leave NYS without having to be quarantined in others. All because of NYC residents fleeing to other areas of NY and other states. Thanks Andy & Bill, you really screwed the rest of us.

  7. DeBalsio and Cuomo both have screwed up New York City and state. No bail out for them or any other state that have abused the laws of the Constitution. When you allow illegals a safe haven and disregard the Citizens of AMERICA then you don’t deserve a bail out. Learn how to manage the money that you are given before anymore comes to you.

    • You are so right when states like N.Y. and CA and others fill their states with illegals they should not get any federal funds at all. They made their bed let them lay in it. Scum bag demonrats are not Americans

  8. The way New YORK treated the team from North Carolina, that came to help them, then they told them to GET OUT! Who gives a DAMN about NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SOB”s and also F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yourself.


  9. He is with out a doubt the big ass in NY City’s mayor and should be tared and feathered in times square as the big ass person he is. What an un thankful person he is. But he sure knows how to piss money away or line his pockets, must be a Dem. thing.

  10. The very thought that budget cutting is ridiculed by the left. NY is a very populist state and wants the totality of us to help only them is preposterous. Explain New Yorkers, when OH is in financial straights, you want them to get YOUR money? Hell no! Suck it up, budget correctly. No freebies period!!!!!!

  11. DeBlasio you are full of crap and an ungrateful jerk for what trump did for you and New York I will trow in Cuomo to. you are with out question the worst mayor N.Y ever had. YOU AND CUOMO GET RID AND STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY ON ILLEGALS AND SANCUARY CITIES WHEN THESE CRIMINALS KILL OUR PEOPLE EXPLAIN HOW YOU AND THE GOVERNOR JUSTIFY THAT AND YOU WANT TRUMP TO BAIL YOU OUT YOU DEMS ARE ALL ALIKE ANTI AMERICA

  12. When you have idiots like de Blasio running anything you are in deep s–t. Maybe these New York citizens should think about who they put in as mayor to run their city or governor to run their state. Instead of just putting some Ding Dongs that don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground in those important positions…Next..Case..

  13. Did any of you pay attention to Civics, learn the difference between the role at state and local governments and the role of the federal government. Who do you think has been picking up your garbage, writing lesson plans for you to teach your children, cleaning public transit, taking emergency 911calls etc. Hopefully, the next time a teacher calls regarding your child’s behaviour you will remember what a “breeze” you felt it was to teacher your child then magnify it by 25 to 35 students.

    • The jobs you mention are to be financed by STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNEMENT, not FEDERAL. NO BAILOUT BY THE FEDS(our tax money) for states that can’t /won’t keep their house in order.

  14. seems like new york government is doing same as the insurance companies did back when a hurricane took out homestead florida,the insurance companies spent their money so when it came time to pay out the insurance claims they had no money left and all the insurance companies left florida.and all people had to pay higher for insurance though citizens insurance(the people call them the insurance of last resort).
    looks like the government of new york may have done the same thing instead of saving the money they spent it frivolously now that they need it they do not have it

    • New York City has to serve 8 million people, more that some states in the US and many in the world. Very few workers are not essential and many have been called upon to work massive overtime. It is not poor planning it is merely more than can be expected. Per haps the residents, businesses, tourists should plan on layering higher taxes and fees until they have an adequate sun in a rainy day fund.

    • yes they are but this time there trying to blame Mr trump for there mismanagement, and make the people pay , even if they get gov,funding they will still want to raise taxes, look what they did to the volunteers that came from there homes to help sick people, not even thinking about them selfs ,some leaving kids just to help n.y.c. and they taxed them ,how low can a democrap go,

  15. As Americans, I am shocked by the number of people that seem to choose money and work over the healthcare and lives with. We simply must get a better grasp on how this virus works before we rush back to work. Are companies going to cover the expenses of individuals who become sick and die, or have loved ones or did from coronaviris. The work that was done by the Bush any Obama administration must be implemented found and adopted.
    As for those who think a possible contagion was unimaginable.turn on your TV, look up the movie Contagion and watch our reality. I would personally rather be safe than sorry. Imagine a new type of workplace. Prepare for a second wave by stocking PPE, imagining ways to care for the ill without overwhelming first responders or the hospitals in which they work
    While a second wave may not come, we must be prepared. To win most wars we need to use a “resistance,” assets, and citizenry willing to contribute. We also need to think of all the different ways we can work, before we are wasting time trying to getting things to work. There are a world of public service workers who are accustomed to do this work ” this is what “the deep state” does.

    • heather , please , if bush or obama, administration would have refilled, the medical supply’s , we would have been better off but NO, if the democrat’s would have been doing there job’s in stead of attacking a sitting president for three and almost four YEARS but no , all our democrap government cares about is getting all the power to control the people, and they do not care if people like you or me or anyone,die’s they just don’t care if you think bush, obama had a plan you (pardon my french) are stupider then my pet rock, they didn’t care , look at bush on 9/11 in class room with kid’s, had no idea how to respond to that , obama, gave billions to iran, and other country’s like china 3.7 billion to a lab in wohun,china own’s almost one third of our country ,and government ,please fact check before you type,

  16. Look at your over bloated budget. Tell your union that their pensions are too generous and by the way, your generosity towards the non tax paying illegals can’t be shouldered by the tax payers anymore. This is what happens when New Yorkers keep voting for fiscally irresponsible leaders and arrogant as well. Suck it up DeBlasio. Go back to work. That’s what people do when they have no money, they earn a living, they don’t beg, you are an embarrassment! Sick of New York!

  17. This is what happens when you elect socialist to office. They think Government should take care of them. This Mayor and his wife are no more than common criminals. They have pocketed millions from the taxpayers and now they don`t have the money they need to run the Government. I suggest to the people of New York City to move out of that city or elect some conservetives to run the government.
    No money from the taxpayers.

  18. Totally agree. N.Y. gets no more money. DeBlasio always barks how great he is and how he covers illegals N.Y. best square up their city. DeBlasio can beg elsewhere. What about our small businesses that had to close down. It is imbearable to see begging from this mayor. President Trump must make this clear. Pelosi has ways to cheat. Ask her. She is another cheating Democrat. Trump took care of N.Y. That is it.

    cheating big spender.

  19. Time for Deblasio to grow up and tell us what happened to all the tax dollars his wife got. Open up and you will get taxes. Also your city are ingrates. You had an organization helping and as soon as you looked clear you asked them (Samaritan’s Purse) to leave. DoD hospital ship no longer needed. Open up and quite stalling.

  20. The states need to take care of themselves. The mayor and the governor got themselves into this fix by spending on things they had no business spending on, and going against anything logical!!!! They have tried so hard to break this nation!!! They are worst than socialist, they are communists!!!! Evil Bunch of demonrats!!!

  21. The government does not need to give them any more bailout money. The last money that was given to them Balsio and his wife put more than half of it in their own pocket. NO NO NO

  22. Do not give the c…k sucker a dime. It is the same old thing with democrat mayors/governors spend until its gone and turns to the Government or congressional democrat for help. If you gave them all the money they needed they would blow it and not use it on the things they needed to. So I ask why give them a penny? Let the jobs open back up with modifications on necessary P.P.E. depending on the type of business. That way New York can start getting tax money again. If they will not do that F…em!!

    • How many illegals are working for cash only and not paying taxes?
      How many illegals are getting rent assistance and claiming no income?
      How many illegals are getting food stamps (SNAP) for free food and going to food
      pantries to get even more handouts so they can use food stamps for lobster n steak?
      How many illegals re getting HEAP to pay for their home energy bills?
      How many illegals are getting free health care or just going to the hospital emergency
      room and never paying their bill?
      How many illegal repeat offenders are being released to repeat their crimes and are being hidden from ICE agents so they can stay here and suck up more tax dollars in freebies?
      The city I live closest to just recently declared themselves a sanctuary city. The result was that they double the water/sewer bill, they doubled the sanitation bill, and most recently they re-accessed ALL the properties and increased their value by the maximum amount allowed by law so they have extra money to pay for all the free programs for illegals. those in charge of this need to be removed permanently from office!!!

  23. No matter how much money they received, it would make no difference, they all have an “allowance mentality” no matter how reckless they spend some one bailed them out since they were growing up with a never ending allowance.

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