NYC’s Public Transportation Takes a Hit

NYC's Public Transportation Takes a Hit

( – New York City is one of the areas most heavily impacted by COVID-19. Officials in the city have implemented a number of policies to try and slow the spread. The Big Apple’s latest change is hitting its subway transportation service, which usually runs 24/7.

Now, NYC officials are shutting down the underground railways overnight to address the coronavirus outbreak. During those hours, the subway cars will undergo cleaning and sanitation.

The primary reason is the multiple published reports about the ever-increasing homeless population taking refuge on the trains.

With nowhere to go and limited access to sanitary equipment, the homeless population is one that’s both vulnerable and could spread COVID-19. Limiting hours of operation on the subway should help to prevent the spread of the virus to those who use it on a daily basis. Hopefully, the city will figure out how to keep everyone safe and properly clean the germ-filled trains.

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  1. Wow , some of you , who are you do judge anyone, you don’t know there situations, they could be mental , a veteran that became mental because they served ,or just fell on hard times , and yes I’m sure a lot are on drugs but like I said u don’t know why , but drugs are an addiction and of course they need to be responsible for there lives and the choices that they make but also people make mistakes remember who are you to judge your calling theses people drug attic’s when there’s rich people , celebrities and privilege teens , young adults and adults that do drugs and are addicted, what because they have things makes them better I believe it doesn’t , so next time you want to judge others maybe you should be kind and at least try to help them and make a difference, and let’s not forget only god can judge !!!! Have a blessed day !

  2. This is about as good an idea as sending people infected with the virus to nursing homes!! Real intelligent New York demoncrats!

  3. The mayor gave his wife and her organization 1 bill for homeless
    An audit found that they cannot find where 900 million of the 1 bil went

  4. Time to get rid of democrats in New York
    Cuomo loves criminals Schumer worse senator
    Gillibrand dumbest senator Blasio how this guy ever got elected is beyond me better wake up New York there’s people are no good

  5. THEY Just Noticed the homeless on the subways ?? This has been going on for Over Twenty years ! The leaders Don’t use the subway so They Don’t CARE ! EXCEPT when they Need VOTES !!

  6. Here’s a plan for you Mayor and Governor re: the homeless population: Corner off certain areas on the top level of unpopular subway stations and designate specifically for the “HOMELESS POPULATIONS” restricting homeless from living on subway cars and living on streets, etc. Mandate restrictions for homeless population, hire a task team to oversee mandate. providing housing for homeless is funds wasted.

  7. This is really sad. The richest country supposedly in the world and we cannot take care of the homeless. I don’t blame them for using the subway. Much better than being on the street. The President should open up his spare rooms in TRUMP TOWER to accomodate them.

    • That would make a lot of sense to give these people that shit and piss all over the floor to stay in a swanky upscale room. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to clean up and replace everything after they vacated the room. The City would be better off taking out of service unused cars and place them off alone just for this purpose with water and sanitation facilities.

  8. An idea, kick out the UN & use the campus for veterans and the homeless. At least then the building will serve a good & noble purpose.

  9. Everyone deserves a 3 bedroom 2 bath home free of charge and free of property taxes and free food and someone should buy that for us!

    • Why does everyone deserve a 3 bedroom 2 bath home free of charge with free food? I would like to have all that free but life does not work like that. Nothing is free in life! I do not care what the brain dead squad tries to tell and convince the masses it just is not so. That does not mean they will not lie to you and promise you all this free stuff and you wake up and have no freedoms. Kinda like what is happening in some of these democrat infested states. Where people are under house arrest because the Mayor or Governor said so. Then you have Newsom with warm weather forbidding people from going to the beach or taking a walk or a drive. People find themselves arrested for playing in a closed park with their kids. This is what you are inviting by giving any democrat any power.

  10. Mike somebody’s homeless our veterans and they’re on hard luck I’m a veteran myself what did you serve our country Mike

  11. why not just ship ALL the homeless to California and give them a tent they can set up on the streets in Pelosi’s neighborhood include a 2 week supply of food and a handfull of food stamps

    • If people choose to drink and abuse drugs then it is not the people that lived a moral lifestyle to see that these people are taken care of. There’s nothing wrong with helping a small percentage of this homeless that got there through badluck of their own. People have to be somewhat responsible for their actions in life.

  12. Since New york is releasing all those prisoners, the police might as well forget the murders, rapist and burglars and go after the real criminals, The homeless.

  13. Looks like they need more police to do there jobs, there is no need of the homeless being there. PEORIOD.

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