NYT Retreats Further Into Its Bubble

NYT Retreats Further Into Its Bubble

(NewsReady.com) – The famously liberal New York Times raised some eyebrows last week when it published an op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). The move was widely seen as a positive step by the paper, allowing opposing views and letting some fresh air into the echo chamber many of its readers inhabit.

However, it seems the NYT might have underestimated just how warm and comfortable its readers – and many of its staff – feel in their little bubble. Twitter is now full of Liberals claiming to have canceled their subscription and the news organization Slate claims the paper had the highest ever number of cancelations in a single hour.

Perhaps worst of all, several newsroom staff staged a walkout in protest over the op-ed, claiming they were ashamed of it. Some even said the piece put them in danger. James Bennet, the editorial page editor of that particular column, resigned on Sunday. Predictably, the paper caved and, while the NYT hasn’t deleted Cotton’s article, it has slapped a health warning on it – and is very unlikely to publish a dissenting piece again anytime soon.

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