Oath Keepers Leader To Trump: “You’re Going To Be Found Guilty”

(NewsReady.com) – Former President Donald Trump is facing both state and federal prison time. New York State indicted him for allegedly falsifying business records, and the federal government has charged him with 37 felonies related to the reported mishandling of classified documents. While some defendants opt to keep quiet while they are facing prison time, Trump is on the campaign trail talking about the charges against him. Recently, the founder of the Oath Keepers issued a warning.

In May, Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years in prison for seditious conspiracy and other charges related to his role in the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol Building. His was the longest sentence handed down in the hundreds of cases against those who were involved in the violence. In a jailhouse interview with The Washington Times, he said the former president was going to see the same thing happen to him that he is dealing with.

Rhodes, who is in isolation at the DC Department of Corrections Central Detention Facility, claimed the former president was going to be “railroaded” if he goes to trial. He went on to say everyone has “been demoralized,” so prosecutors are more likely to get plea deals and those who plea will “agree to ‘test-a-lie’ against President Trump.” Several members of the Oath Keepers testified against him at trial and received sentences of 36 to 54 months.

The leader of the far-right militia also claimed the jury used his words against him when they convicted him. He claimed he didn’t go inside the Capitol but was found guilty because prosecutors used his “speech,” and he thinks that’s what will happen to the former president.

Former President Trump has maintained his innocence. In campaign speeches, he has admitted to keeping the documents but claims he had the right to do so.

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