Obama Hits Campaign Trail for Biden Ahead of 2020

Obama Hits Campaign Trail for Biden Ahead of 2020

(NewsReady.com) – Election Day is less than two weeks away and the campaigns are in the final stretch. Unlike President Donald Trump, Joe Biden isn’t on the trail as much. However, his former boss is doing it for him.

On October 21, former President Barack Obama headlined two campaign events in Philadelphia. The campaign believes the former leader will energize the party and get voters to the polls. Trump supporters believe the Left is doing it because Biden isn’t doing as well as the polls claim.

Obama is certainly popular among the Democratic base. However, there’s also a cloud of suspicion hovering above him over the way his administration handled Russiagate. As more evidence comes to light showing what Obama knew and when he knew it, one has to wonder if this is the best idea for the Biden Campaign.

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