Obama Makes Shocking Claims About Cancel Culture

Obama Makes Shocking Claims About Cancel Culture

(NewsReady.com) – The Left seems to constantly attack people who do not think like them. They get people fired from their jobs and ruin their reputations over the smallest thing. Former President Barack Obama once again tried to warn his party that they aren’t going to win anyone over with those types of attacks.

On Monday, June 7, CNN aired an interview with Anderson Cooper and Obama. During the discussion, the former president warned of the “dangers of cancel culture” and just “condemning people all the time” is a sign that “people are going overboard.” He explained that it isn’t effective because people aren’t going to be politically correct or “perfect” all the time. It’s unreasonable to expect that.


Obama warned about the same thing in 2019. The Democratic Party is alienating people by always attacking them. They’re so full of righteous indignation that they can’t see that they’re actually making people dislike their entire party and they might seriously pay for that in the future. The American people have had enough of the woke mob; it’s only a matter of time before the Left starts suffering at the polls.

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