Officers Shot While Trying to Save Infant

Officers Shot While Trying to Save Infant

( – The most dangerous calls police officers respond to are related to domestic violence. Emotions are high in those situations, and the suspects can be unpredictable. On Friday, February 11, several Phoenix police officers learned that first-hand.

Just after 2 a.m., police received a phone call about a woman, later identified as 29-year-old Shatifah Lobley, who had been shot. Sgt. Andy Williams said 36-year-old Morris Jones III met the first officer who arrived on the scene, invited him to the house, and the alleged suspect opened fire as the LEO approached the doorway. Several rounds hit the police officer, injuring him.

When more police arrived on the scene, another man placed an infant in a baby carrier outside before walking toward authorities. The cops detained him, then moved to grab the infant when the suspect opened fire again. Four more law enforcement officers suffered gunshot wounds, while four others were hit by shrapnel and ricocheted bullets.

After a standoff that lasted several hours, police found the suspect dead from a gunshot wound. Officers found a critically-injured woman in the home; she later died in the hospital. Authorities believe the infant was the woman’s and suspect’s child – she is okay and in state custody.

As of Sunday, two officers remained in hospital, and the others were recovering at home.

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