Ohio Becomes Battleground State in 2020 Presidential Election

Ohio Becomes Battleground State in 2020 Presidential Election

(NewsReady.com) – Last week, President Donald Trump opened a new front in the election war with his campaign rallies in Dayton and Toledo, OH. The Buckeye State could be the key to the 2020 election, and that’s why the Trump campaign is focusing its efforts there.

Ohio solidly backed Trump in 2016, but it’s a long-term swing state that can go either way. Ohioans backed George W. Bush at both his election victories, then switched allegiance to Barack Obama. In 2016, they voted for Trump.

Ohio’s economy has been battered by international trade in recent decades, with auto and steel jobs moving overseas. Trump’s pledge to put American workers first struck a chord; a predicted 2.2% lead over Hillary Clinton turned out to be 8%, handing him a solid victory – and convincing many people that Ohio would be a solid red state this time around.

So far, however, it hasn’t worked out that way. Recent polls show Biden with a 3.3% lead, as he seems to appeal to many of the state’s voters in a way that Clinton definitely didn’t. This is a significant indicator, too. Since 1944, Ohio has voted for the winning candidate in every election, aside from 1960.

For some reason, the Democrat campaign doesn’t seem to be taking Ohio seriously. Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris has campaigned in the state yet, which could mean a possible repeat of Clinton’s 2016 neglect of the Rust Belt. The Trump campaign has no such blind spot; now the question is if they can do enough to beat down Biden’s lead by November.

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