Operation Legend Nets Hundreds of Arrests

Operation Legend Nets Hundreds of Arrests

(NewsReady.com) – In July, President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr announced the expansion of the DOJ’s “Operation Legend.” The commander-in-chief made the decision to send more federal law enforcement officials to major cities to help local police. Now, the move is paying off.

On August 19, Barr announced more than 200 alleged criminals have been charged with federal crimes as a result of Operation Legend. Police in major cities have made over 1,000 arrests. Additionally, the ATF was able to get at least 400 guns off of the streets.

Trump has said he’s the “law and order” president because he’s put an emphasis on reducing the amount of crime in America. This is more proof he’s keeping his promise to keep citizens safe from the violent criminals who wish to hurt them. Operation Legend isn’t over, either; this was just an update. Imagine how many more criminals law enforcement will nab as the DOJ operation continues.

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