Pandemic Babies Developing Slower Than Pre-Pandemic Children

Pandemic Babies Developing Slower Than Pre-Pandemic Children

( – The pandemic has had a huge impact on the way many people live their lives. For the first year of the COVID-19 outbreak, millions of Americans stayed at home as much as possible to mitigate the spread. That seems to have had a profound impact on the children born in 2020.

According to a study conducted by Columbia University Irving Medical Center, babies born between March and December 2020 in New York City are developing at a slower rate. Researchers screened 255 babies to find out whether they’re meeting their social, communication, and motor skills. The study theorized the babies may have fallen behind because of the stress mothers experienced.

The researchers also checked to see if the scores differed for children whose moms had COVID-19 and those who didn’t, but found it made no difference. Interestingly, the babies’ communication skills were actually better than kids who weren’t born during the pandemic. Sean Deoni, an associate professor of pediatrics at Brown University, said he’d like to know why the kids are performing lower on some of the skills, particularly motor skills.

The good news is the scores weren’t much lower than those in children born before the pandemic. Researchers also concluded there’s no indication the children will continue to get lower scores as they grow older.

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