Parents Warned This Bathing Suit Color Could Be Deadly for Kids

Parents Warned This Bathing Suit Color Could Be Deadly for Kids

( – Each year, nearly 900 children ages 0 to 19 die in the US from unintentional drownings. A Florida swim instructor spends her days teaching kids how to survive in the water. She recently issued a warning about a specific color swimsuit parents should avoid.

Nikki Scarnati, a swim instructor in Spring Hill, posted a video on her TikTok recently telling parents they should not purchase blue swimsuits. She bought one for her 2-year-old daughter to demonstrate the dangers of the suits. The 32-year-old turned her camera around so her followers could see her daughter swimming in the pool and show them how she blended into the water because of the color of her bathing suit.

Scarnati told her viewers that it was hard to see her daughter when she was the only one in the pool, then she told them to imagine there were a lot of other kids playing.

A similar warning spread across the internet a couple of years ago. Someone posted an image in an Australian Facebook group called “CPR Kids” showing a seemingly empty pool. However, after looking at it for a moment, a figure can be seen in the water. It’s a child in blue shorts swimming in a pool.

Sky News Australia reported that the director of CPR Kids, Sarah Hunstead, who is also a nurse, warned parents to always supervise their kids in the pool even when other people are around, it can make a difference.

Scarnati agrees with the supervision advice; she has multiple TikTok videos discussing that. But she also said parents should only purchase bright-colored swimsuits as well. Additionally, parents should get their child swim lessons. At the very least, all kids should know basic survival skills, such as how to float on their backs while waiting for help to arrive.

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