Partisan Games Forced Onto Barr

Partisan Games Forced Onto Barr

( – Attorney General William Barr’s response to the Michael Flynn investigation has ruffled the feathers of Democrats. Barr wants to drop charges against Flynn, though the motion is being delayed due to a recent order from a federal judge. Now, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) expects “to see Barr in front of our Committee on June 9” under threat of a potential subpoena.

Why June 9? The District of Columbia has a stay-at-home order that expires on June 8. Nadler says he expects to see Barr testify “the very next day.” So far, the AG hasn’t agreed to anything yet, though he may be forced to show up to defend his decision.

Barr is facing this nonsense because of his desire to see Flynn get the justice he deserves. The FBI’s conduct was clearly out of the ordinary, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats like Nadler. There are many facets of this situation unfolding now that more time has been given to consider the investigation, so stay tuned for updates.

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