Pelosi and Democrats Will Unveil Bills to Limit Donald Trump’s Authority

Pelosi and Democrats Will Unveil Bills to Limit Donald Trump's Authority

( – Democratic lawmakers were furious when President Donald Trump was elected. They thought Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag, but that was before he destroyed her. Since that day, they’ve been doing their best to undermine him and make his life difficult. Now, they’re trying to limit his authority.

On Wednesday, September 23, House Dems unveiled legislation that would limit the president’s pardon power and force his administration to comply with subpoenas related to their neverending witch hunts. It also allows for penalties on officials who Congress believes are misappropriating federal funds. The Left claims the bill will stop Trump from abusing his power and “defend the rule of law.”

Does it ever end? The Democratic Party could be working with Congress to pass a new stimulus package or pass legislation to help the American people during the pandemic. Instead, they are still focusing on political attacks.

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