Pelosi Defends Disrespectful Petty Behavior

Pelosi Defends Disrespectful Petty Behavior

( – The Democratic Party disrespects President Donald Trump on a regular basis. Arguably, the worst offender is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). If her recent remarks are any indication of how she feels, then it’s clear she doesn’t care at all.

During a September 14 interview with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, Pelosi said she hasn’t spoken to Trump for almost a year. The last time she was in a room with the commander-in-chief was at the National Prayer Breakfast in February, a couple of days after she ripped up a copy of his speech at the State of the Union Address.

Pelosi told Melvin she thinks the president is unreliable and prefers to speak to his aides.

The speaker, leader of the Senate, and the president are supposed to work together to push policy through to help the American people. When one of them acts like a petulant child instead of an adult, it makes it harder for everyone. Why is she the speaker if she refuses to put the country above her petty disagreements?

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