Pelosi Defends Impeachment Delays

Pelosi Defends Impeachment Delays

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has defended her controversial decision to delay President Trump’s impeachment trial by refusing to send the articles of impeachment — which the House rushed through in December, claiming it was vital the president was impeached right away — to the Senate. She’s now buckling under pressure and says she’ll send them later this week, but she’s still trying to justify sitting on them for weeks.

According to Pelosi, the delay “has produced a very positive result” because John Bolton, former national security adviser, now says he’s willing to testify in the Senate. The question is: Did Bolton make that decision because of Pelosi’s delay? It seems unlikely.

Pelosi’s hand is now being forced because Republican senators have introduced a resolution that would let them dismiss the impeachment case if the articles aren’t handed over within 25 days. Pelosi claims a dismissal would be a “cover-up” — but so far she’s the one who has prevented the case from going ahead.

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