Pence Refuses to Be Used

Pence Refuses to Be Used

( – Protests are still taking place across the country more than a month after the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. Many of the events are being organized by the group Black Lives Matter (BLM). Recently, Vice President Mike Pence refused to be used when he was asked if he supports the movement during a CBS interview.

During a June 28 interview on “Face the Nation,” Pence said he would not be repeating “Black lives matter” because he believes “all lives matter” equally. Further, he explained that, in his opinion, the BLM organization is a “political agenda of the radical Left” that seeks to push their agenda and calls for violence.

Pence said African-American leaders have told President Donald Trump they want “peace in our streets” and “law and order.” These two goals are very important to the administration. The vice president did a great job not playing the “gotcha” game.

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