Pensacola Shooting Was Terrorism

Pensacola Shooting Was Terrorism

( – Two tragic shootings occurred during the first week of December 2019. The first happened at Pearl Harbor mere days before the 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack on the base. Later that same week, a Saudi national killed and injured approximately 10 individuals at a naval air station in Pensacola, Florida.

After an investigation, Attorney General William Barr stated that the Pensacola shooting was an act of terrorism.

Evidence discovered indicates the shooter, Ahmed Mohammed al-Shamrani, was, according to Barr, motivated by jihadist ideology. He had posted anti-American messages on social media before his attack. Much of the evidence and investigation of this case revolves around the iPhones of the shooter, those involved with the situation, and the cooperation of Apple.

While al-Shamrani seems to have acted alone, officials discovered concerning behavior among other Saudi military members who are currently training in the US. As a reaction to this shooting and in light of worrisome conduct, 21 cadets from Saudi Arabia were unenrolled from their training programs and will return to their home country. Of these 21 cadets, 12 were stationed at Pensacola.

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