People Fleeing High Taxes in Blue States Will Impact Congress

People Fleeing High Taxes in Blue States Will Impact Congress
  • 3.2 million people left blue states from 2010 through 2019.
  • Florida reports 900 people relocate to the state each day.
  • More people are leaving New Jersey than any other state.
  • The population shifts will cause a 10-congressional seat change throughout 17 states.

( – Blue states have a big problem on their hands: a mass exodus of residents. According to US Census Bureau population estimates, millions of people have fled states run by Democrats over the last decade. Now the migration is set to impact Congress.

The Census Data found more than 3 million people have left blue states. California and New Jersey, have both seen significant outmigration.

Why They’re Moving

Some analysts believe that it has to do with the high taxes in the states. Fox News’ David Webb, for instance, predicted that New Jersey’s Democratic Governor Phil Murphy is going to cause even more residents to flee if the millionaire’s tax he is pushing gets implemented.

According to a New Jersey Business and Industry Association report from 2016, high taxes were partly to blame for the state’s economy losing billions of dollars.

California’s loss of residents is also being blamed on the state’s high taxes. A recent report found that President Trump’s 2017 tax law has wealthy people moving to states with better incentives. As a result of the migration, states like Texas and Florida have seen their populations increase.

Impact on Congress

Not only are populations shifting across the country, but Congressional seats are changing. With the Census set for 2020, new Congressional lines are coming.

For the first time in history, California may lose a seat in Congress. If the numbers stay on track, the state will go from 53 representatives to 52. New York, another blue state with high taxes, is also set to lose a seat.

Meanwhile, a number of red states are going to gain seats. In fact, five of the seven states that may gain new representatives are Republican states. For example, Texas will likely pick up three new seats and Florida will get two. North Carolina and Arizona are both expected to gain one seat each.

It’s important to note that the shifting seats do not mean that the House of Representatives, as a whole, will gain more seats — 435 is the limit.

The news may not all be good for red states, unfortunately. Some conservative strategists have warned that the population growth in red states may change them from solid red to purple. Some of the people who are leaving blue states are bringing their big government ideas with them. Texas is already seeing signs of this. For example, the mayors of Houston, Dallas, and Austin are Democratic. Also, the race between GOP Senator Ted Cruz and Democrat Beto O’Rourke, in 2018, was the closest statewide race for a liberal candidate in about 40 years.

The change from a staunchly conservative state to a swing state is not likely to happen any time soon, though. Meanwhile, blue states are very much feeling the effects their laws are having on people — and they’re not great.

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  1. Wow, you need a reply? For ages Blue States , held up the Red States , with Welfare Needs . Our Taxes went up accordingly, considering Red States did not contribute as much as Blue States . We have come at a very divided crossroads , as to whom contributes as to our economy and our uncertain future. We can not allow unfettered illegal immigration into our society, but we need to figure out new immigration laws and how we as a nation want to proceed about them. With this administration , our government promised Dreamers , that if they served in our current wars , they would receive legal status , that did not happen with many. We want people to toil in our farms but do not want these same people to ever have legal status and according to Sam Perdue should be paid even less , as farm workers, yet we poison them on a daily basis , with our Monsanto products on a daily basis , as well as our American citizens. So if you are looking for a pass as to how our ineffectual Government works under our Current Regime , well , just as well as it works under , Putin’s Regime , not very well.

  2. The good news: republicans are moving to red states.
    The bad news: Marxist left are moving to red states.
    The red states will get more reps. , but will they be liberal or conservative ?

  3. Washington state also very expensive! retirees can’t afford to stay! we are taxed out! gas, alcohol, pot, state tax, ride share, soda tax , charging us triple value of our vehicles so our license tabs went from 60 dollars to 600 plus! we voted against it but democrates are now suing us to get it reversed! Omg!! Can’t wait to move!!

  4. DemocRATS are modern day Robin Hood in reverse. They rob the poor and put the money into their pockets.

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