People Panic in New York Times Square After Explosion Heard

People Panic in New York Times Square After Explosion Heard

( – Twenty years ago, a loud boom shook New York City. The cause of the explosion ended up being the worst terrorist attack to take place on American soil. So, it stands to reason that when NYC residents and visitors hear an explosion, it scares them. That’s exactly what happened over the weekend.

On Sunday, April 10, a loud bang was heard in Times Square. People in the area started running for safety. Videos posted on social media showed the chaos unfolding.

Witness Lavier Pounds told CBS News an explosion happened right in front of them as the police were backing the crowd up. “I just started running,” the witness told reporters.

The FDNY and NYPD closed off an area around 43rd and Broadway to investigate the scene. They found at least three manholes on fire in the area. While firefighters were searching surrounding buildings, they also found a cellar on 43rd Street with elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

According to ABC7, the utility company Con Edison confirmed the explosion was the result of a cable failure. A spokesperson for the company released a statement revealing there were “no customer outages, and no reports of injuries or property damage.”

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