Phil Mickelson Opens Up About Gambling Addiction

  • Approximately 73 million Americans are projected to bet on the NFL during the 2023 season. 
  • Golfer Phil Mickelson has vowed to avoid gambling this season.
  • The champion golfer has reportedly spent upwards of $1 billion on bets.
  • Mickelson is one of the most talented golfers in history.

( – It’s NFL season again, which means people across the country are going to enter football pools and bet on games. One person who doesn’t have any plans to wager a friendly bet on his favorite team is golf legend Phil Mickelson. He made it known why in a post on social media that also served as a warning to others.

A Warning

On September 18, Mickelson posted on X, formerly Twitter, and said that many Americans will enjoy the football season with fantasy leagues that will serve as something to banter about with friends. According to the golf champion, losing and winning their bets won’t really affect them. But he explained that he wasn’t going to participate because he “crossed [over] the line of moderation… into addiction, which isn’t any fun at all.”

Mickelson told his supporters and friends that he’d never gambled to a point where his family’s financial security was threatened, but said he was “so distracted [he] wasn’t able to be present with” his loved ones and caused them harm. When he finally figured out that he was causing damage, he didn’t even want to deal with the problems.

To his followers, the golfer said that if they ever had similar problems, he hoped they would not “confuse [their] enablers as friends,” and hopefully, they wouldn’t have to deal with the fallout publicly.

Mickelson concluded by saying that it’s the moments that people have with their loved ones that really matter.

One Billion Reasons to Stop

Mickelson’s statement came a month after Billy Walters, a professional gambler, claimed the golfer bet more than $1 billion over the course of 30 years on basketball, baseball, and football. The golfer didn’t confirm the dollar amount but made it clear that his gambling addiction was as real as a substance abuse problem.

Walters claimed Mickelson also tried to bet $400,000 on Team USA in the 2012 Ryder Cup, which he played in. However, ESPN reported that the golf champion denied the allegations about that match.

Betting in Sports

In 2004, baseball player Pete Rose admitted to betting on sports and baseball games when he was managing and playing for the Cincinnati Reds. He said he bet on his team but never bet against it.

The year prior to Rose’s confession, Tallahassee police charged Florida State University quarterback Adrian McPherson with betting on games that he played in. He was accused of placing bets on the internet, but he always bet on his team to win.

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