Pixie Curtis, Pre-Teen Millionaire, Marks Her Retirement

(NewsReady.com) – Retiring early is a dream many people have. An Australian-born millionaire intends to do just that. However, she isn’t in her 50s or even her 30s; in fact, she isn’t even a teenager yet!

Pixie Curtis is just 11 years old but has already started two companies. Pixie’s Fidgets, a toy company, and Pixie’s Bows, which sells hair accessories. The pre-teen is currently planning her 12th birthday and her retirement party.

The little entrepreneur is currently worth about £10 million (over $12 million USD). She has said her priorities have shifted, and her mother, Roxy Jacenko, a public relations expert, instilled the importance of education in her. Curtis will bid farewell to running her companies and focus on her schoolwork.

Curtis first launched the toy business in 2021 with her mom’s help. In the first 48 hours, they sold out of toys. She then began focusing on the hair accessory business. But after a few years of hustling, she’s over it and ready to be a kid — an extremely rich child.

On July 16, Curtis posted a video on Instagram of the goody bags she’s going to give away at her birthday/farewell party. She added makeup brushes, lip gloss, ointment, and bronzing drops to her bag. On July 28, she also revealed she would be moving from Australia to Singapore.

Curtis is moving with her mom and 8-year-old brother, Hunter, to be with their father, Oliver Curtis, for work. Her father started his career over after going to prison in 2016 for insider trading. He was released from prison in 2017 and reportedly went back to work for his father, though it’s unclear if that is what he still does.

Curtis shared a look inside her new home on Meta’s Threads. Her luxury pad includes an outdoor swimming pool and a state-of-the-art gym. The posh environment will allow the pre-teen to relax without the pressure of running successful businesses.

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