Pleading GUILTY – He Ate Murder Victim’s Body!

Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Student, Eating Part of Victim's Body

Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Student, Eating Part of Victim’s Body

( – Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been in the news lately after a Netflix mini-series shot to the top of the streaming platform’s charts. The murderer killed 17 victims and ate flesh from their bodies. However, he’s not the only cannibal in the headlines.

On Thursday, September 22, Mark Latunski pleaded guilty to the 2019 murder of Kevin Bacon in Michigan. The 25-year-old victim reportedly met his killer on the gay dating app Grindr. His family reported him missing on Christmas 2019. Later, police found his naked body hanging upside down from the ceiling of Latunski’s house.

The killer pleaded guilty to murder and mutilation of the body. Latunski previously admitted to the police he stabbed his victim, cut his throat, and strung him up. He claimed he also cut off a piece of his body and ate it.

Police have said messages show Bacon knew his killer was into some kind of violent fetish. There are also indications that Latunski might have harmed other people before. One of his neighbors said a man covered in blood once knocked on his door; the neighbor called the police and reported the man was terrified. Officers arrived and took the man with them. However, he never faced any charges for the incident.

Latunski is facing life in prison for Bacon’s murder.

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