Police Arrest Old Man for Honking in Support of Freedom Truck Rally

Police Arrest Old Man for Honking in Support of Freedom Truck Rally

(NewsReady.com) – For two weeks, thousands of Canadian truckers have been in the country’s capital of Ottawa protesting the COVID-19 mandates in the country. Instead of listening to the concerns of the truckers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has cracked down on the protest. A 78-year-old man was injured by police when he showed his support for the angry workers.

On February 6, Gerry Charlebois drove over to Parliament Hill to see the protests. While he was there, he gave a truck driver a thumbs up and a honk before Ottawa Police pulled over the elderly man. Naturally, the man attempted to get his identification out of the back of his minivan where he’d stored it when he got into the downtown area. As he was trying to get his ID, Charlebois said an officer twisted his arm and hand, then took him down to the ground. Another officer cuffed the retired school janitor.

According to Charlebois, the officer told him he was in trouble for honking his horn. He said that although he respects the police, he’s angry at them for what they did to him. “I’m so sore,” he said, “It hurts so much.”

Officers didn’t charge Charlebois criminally for his horrible crime of honking the horn. However, he did receive a $118 ticket, many terrible bruises, and a horrifying arrest to carry with him for the rest of his life – all for supporting peaceful protesters by beeping.

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