Police Chief Warns Residents They Are On Their Own

Police Chief Warns Residents They Are On Their Own

(NewsReady.com) – After weeks of unrest in Seattle and dealing with a city council that supports defunding law enforcement, the police chief is at a loss. That was evident in the letters she sent to residents and business owners recently.

In a letter dated July 24, Police Chief Carmen Best told residents her department is “committed to addressing life safety incidents” and other calls for help. However, Seattle’s City Council Ordinance 119805 Crowd Control Tool bans officers from using “less lethal tools,” like pepper spray and rubber bullets, for dispersing rioters as of July 26. For peaceful people in the city, that means their law enforcement agency has “no ability to safely intercede” when violent mobs act out.

Best also sent a letter to the city council, outlining the repercussions of their recent measures and begging them to allow the police department in on further funding negotiations.

The Democratic leaders in Seattle and elsewhere in the country seem intent on just ignoring the massive mobs of violent rioters who are disrupting life for law-abiding residents. We are nearing a breaking point and it’s time for lawmakers to step up.

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