Police Hide University Student in Closet During Left-Wing Protest

Police Hide University Student in Closet During Left-Wing Protest

(NewsReady.com) – Far-Left activists are known for disrupting conservative events. They’ve interrupted multiple Republican guests on college campuses over the years. That’s exactly what they did in the Lone Star State recently when a congressional candidate visited the University of North Texas (UNT).

On March 2, the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) hosted congressional candidate Jeff Younger, who is well-known for his activism against the transgender ideology. The GOPer has personal experience with the issue – his 7-year-old son James was allowed to medically transition with his ex-wife’s consent. The child is now known as Luna and the mother managed to win full custody in court, leaving the distraught dad with little recourse. Liberal activists were furious about his appearance on campus and staged a protest.

According to reports, dozens of activists showed up to the event, scaring away peaceful attendees. YCT organizer Kelly Neidert, 22, told Fox News Digital that officers told her to hide in a closet with the lights turned off while they got the activists under control after they tried to follow her.


Eventually, the officers escorted Neidert to her car. She said she already had officers there because she’d received multiple death threats leading up to the event. She told Fox that every time she hosts an event, something goes wrong, but nothing quite as serious as the last incident. Fortunately, Neidert said other young Conservatives have been reaching out to her and making her feel less alone.

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