Police Investigating 7-11 Employees After They Beat Up Robber

(NewsReady.com) – Working at a gas station can be a dangerous job. It can also be frustrating when someone comes in and steals from the business regularly. That’s what employees claimed one man had been doing at a California 7-Eleven. The workers took matters into their own hands, and now they are under investigation.

A video seemingly recorded by customer Louis Benton spread on social media, showing a man walking behind the counter at a Stockton 7-Eleven, on July 29. The man had a t-shirt tied around his face in an alleged attempt to conceal his identity, and he had a 20-gallon trash can with him. In the video, he’s seen grabbing tobacco products off the shelves and throwing them into the trash can.

Benton is heard telling the employees to call the police and not do anything. The workers decided they would not stand by and watch the theft happen.

One of the 7-Eleven employees grabs the would-be thief and takes him to the ground. Another employee appears to grab a broom and starts hitting him as he screams in pain. According to reports, the man allegedly targeted the store at least twice.

Stockton police sought to clarify the incident in a statement on August 5. The police department stated that on July 28, the day before the incident, an employee reported that the man entered the store and threatened to shoot him before grabbing cigarettes and other items and then running away. The next day, he returned and demanded money while pretending he had a gun. The employee refused to give him money, so the man stole more items and ran away.

A few hours later, police responded to a call about a man complaining of pain in his shoulder and leg. First responders transported him to the hospital. A few days later, police connected the injured man to the video and are now investigating the case.

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