Police on Red Alert After Governor Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Police on Red Alert After Governor Whitmer Kidnapping Plot
  • Police foiled a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
  • Fourteen people were arrested in early October for a wide-reaching terrorist plot, another was jailed on October 15.
  • Police officers are now on high-alert after the suspects were accused of wanting to kill cops.
  • The violence against police is a common theme of 2020.

(NewsReady.com) – On October 8, the FBI and other law enforcement officials announced they’d foiled a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) and overthrow the state government. Authorities charged more than a dozen people with the domestic terrorism plot. Now, police say they’re still on high-alert.

Michigan Law Enforcement Concerned

Michigan State Police First Lt. Mike Shaw told the Detroit Free Press officers are being more cautious because of the plot. The alleged domestic terrorists weren’t just targeting the Democratic governor; they were also trying to go after the police.

Law enforcement authorities said they were allegedly trying to find the names and addresses of officers to carry out a “plan to target and kill police.” Shaw explained the suspects are anti-government, so it stands to reason they are also anti-cop.

A Scary Summer

Police officers have been facing danger for months as anarchists across the country target them. Sustained and prolonged riots in cities all over America have put their lives at risk. Multiple people in several states have faced charges for attacking them.

President Donald Trump is campaigning on a law and order platform because of the violence that’s spread across the US. Particularly, the anti-police rhetoric that’s leading to cops being targeted. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party wants to defund the police and make communities less safe. Had they done that in Michigan, law enforcement may have not been able to stop the terrorist plot.

Reducing funding for the police is dangerous for the officers who are risking their lives and the communities they’re charged with protecting. The election is right around the corner and voters are going to have to decide if they want Trump, the candidate who will protect police, like those in Michigan, or Joe Biden.

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